Monday, August 11, 2008

Romantic Country Magazine Photo Shoot

Last week we had a photo shoot at my home for Romantic Country Magazine. Sunday Hendrickson, a stylist, is a friend of mine and arranged to have a great team lead by photographer Michael Garland shoot over 6 rooms. The pictures attached are the story of our day. I love working with Sunday, she has wonderful ideas for styling and detail tips as well as has a great eye for the shot. Michael does beautiful work and his assistant Jen was a big help with getting the job done! My son Joe loved the desserts and visiting us between dips in the swimming pool...

Look for the issue out in Spring/ Summer 09!
We started upstairs in my daughter Ella’s room… which we softened with pinks and crèmes. I actually left the room the way it was after the shot. The way Sunday arranged the furniture… it looked better than ever. I love shooting the details for inspiration. The bird print tray I found in an antique mall in Augora Hills, CA… I love this print. The rug from the Rug Market is called Romantic Lace in pink and I even have this rug in blue for another bedroom. It is a great pattern for a more bohemian look or more couture one... it really can go either way. The ottoman in pink leather has been a treasure of mine for a long time. The side tables I found from my friend Michelle who has an online store, Bohemiennes. She is always finding great one of a kind pieces. I dressed the table with my collection of antique silver jars. I love all the elements that came together for this shot.
Next we re-dressed my family room. We just created a “what if” sort of look for the main room in the house. Very girlie, very romantic, ideal for an afternoon tea party. Sunday found this Italian tray with coral pink and gold... I added my favorite little tea cups from Anthropologie… love these; turquoise, lime and hot pink. Also added the bust… (always adds a little classic element to the room) and my favorite glass flowers and other vases that I have collected. This shot turned out so fun… it will be nice to see it in the magazine spread.
The shot that proved to be the most challenging was the dining room. I adore the chairs that Sunday found. There is a great site that you should visit. They have all this type of furniture; classic, romantic and one of a kind. Really beautiful furnishings can be found there. We used two chairs here in the dining room. My dining room is really not that romantic. It has a lot more rustic elements in it that balance it out, but is always fun to re-invent and discover new possibilities for a room. Like accessorizing your favorite dress with a new belt or scarf or adding a new pair of heels to a skirt… it can change your whole look. The same applies to this room, chandeliers, candles, my favorite mix and match china pieces and gold embroidered placemats.... I love an eclectic table setting. It was hard to get the right angle here but the elements were beautiful and sometimes the toughest shots turn out to be the best.
Outside dining shot… the way Sunday set up the table was just incredible. She added a sprig of lavender to the lemonade… it looked so much better! Again all of my favorite mix and match. I have a habit of collecting old tablecloths, napkins, china, etc. and I love different kinds of pitchers. This shoot was great for using all of my treasures! The floral plates seemed to inspire a whole table setting.
The kitchen, all in white, blues and lime. I love the clean palette we chose to use here. My kitchen is simple and mainly all white. White can be a stage for anything and this room is constantly changing with my family. I have a great round country style dining table that we set with lots of goodies. There are even going to be a couple of shots with Joe and I decorating cakes. I pulled out all of my off white china and my old Moroccan tea glasses. Meringues added fun and Joe ate them all!
Last we shot the blue bedroom that is off the garden for guests. I always like to keep this room in the garden colors. Since it looks out to the pool... blue and green are the inspiration. Old wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures lined the walls and the bed frame is full of old appliqués to inspire detail and pattern. I used our Romantic Lace Sheet Collection on the bed in sky to soften the amount of texture in the room and let the details shine. I have two botanical floral prints for either side of the bed that I found again traveling from flea market to flea market. Somehow the treasures always find a home. I don’t always buy things because I have a place for them… I buy them because I like them… and then I wait to get home to see where they go. Such is the case for the elements in this room. They are all one of a kind that somehow managed to come together to pull off a serene space perfect for the inbound guest.
The day was long but fruitful. I look forward to seeing the issue. Again all the team members helped make this a successful day. Here are some tips for styling your own table or home that I picked up from a day on the set.


Styling tips:

Always use fresh flowers:

I am always amazed at what a little flower arrangement can do to a room. It immediately adds the personal touch and makes the room feel important. It adds the touch of you to a space depending upon the flower you choose and where you put it in the room. Small little bud vases filled with fragrant lavender for a peaceful sleep are always nice next to the bed. Large hydrangeas are great for a center piece for the dinging table. And like Sunday suggested... a sprig of a flower in a drink or decorating your cake with some daisies can also add a simple touch to the table.


Add some to the scene... they add warmth and glow. Whether it is a large candelabra for drama or a small grouping on the mantle. Candles add elegance and charm to the room.


Look through your cabinets and shelves to pull out some of your favorite vases, trays, and other small treasures you may not be using everyday. Be a stylist in your own home. Sprinkle some of your favorite things on a dresser or by bedside. People love to see what inspires you!

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