Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New and exciting…

I am so excited to blog about our new line of licensed fabrics available from Free Spirit/ Westminster Fibers. After working on the line for the past 6 months they are now available. I tried to recreate our own look from house and added a little pop of color to our usual muted pastels. Raspberry, teal, lime, turquoise and chocolate are all part of the new palette. We recently had a photo shoot to capture some of the ideas you can do with these fabrics. Great for quilters, crafters and scrap booking fans. Enjoy the line and please send us photos of your creations!

Always inspired by the creative people around me, meet the team that helped make all of this possible. My son Joe is always around. The day of the shoot he made a crown out of found leaves… he was “king of the forest.” Hannah is the other half of the creative force behind house. She is always coming up with unique ideas and uses for house fabrics. Melissa our newest member and photographer extraordinaire! Crystal and her dog (our mascot) Sailor, our out of town craft guru who can whip up everything cool and unique. Suzie, not pictured, our queen of opportunity. And me... Always good for making the bed!!

Our final collection is made up of wonderful existing house prints that we have recolored and new prints inspired from fashion and vintage textiles. The result is a fabric line that you can mix and match various combinations of prints as well as color palettes... Pink and Green, Pink and Khaki, Blue and Green, Blue and Chocolate. Accent colors of Turquoise and Raspberry sprinkled throughout.

Click onto the Free Spirit website here to find retailers of the house by Annette Tatum fabric line.

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