Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An inspired holiday!

It is the time of the year for nostalgia and feeling closer to home and family. I personally like to mix the old with the new and since I am such a vintage fan I found tons of antique ornaments, wreaths and recently snow globes. I think I could develop a new obsession for them. The colors of a vintage holiday against the tried and true red and green offer a lovely palette for holiday cheer. Well loved and slightly worn ornaments, when piled in a vase or basket, make a sweet centerpiece. The fun part is that no two are alike and they all have taken on some personality of their own. I know that I treasure my ornament collection and love pulling them out of the box every year, each a reminder of a memory or special occasion. Baby’s first Christmas, my son’s kindergarten wreath ornament made of tissue with his little face glued to the center. All remind me of how full and rich my life is.

Wreaths can be a fun way to add a creative welcome to any front door and the holiday season gives us all a reason to make our own. Each one can express your own unique personality for the holiday spirit. Whether you are a collector of antique ornaments or love nature, at its best, wreaths are a way of inviting those you love to enjoy your creative spirit. I love the ones that catch you by surprise when they are made of the unexpected, like paper cones and odd and eclectic assortments or treasures.

Snow globes can be the perfect way to capture a moment or special occasion. They are fun to collect as well as make. See how to make a snow globe here. My favorite ones are the ones you can collect when you are traveling. I think shelves filled with them can be so fun and interesting when lined on bookshelves or nooks.

Music boxes are so charming in that they almost capture, in a small box, a moment in time. Some play when opened, others need to be cranked or wound to make music. Either way they are a nostalgic way to enjoy the holidays. The decor on top of each box can also be inspiring. Old ice skating scenes or children in the snow offer a flash back to a simpler time. What better way to enjoy a gift of wonder and song.

The holiday spirit can be found everywhere and in the smallest spaces. Create a special moment in your home for your friends and family to enjoy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall 2008

With the change of the seasons comes a freshness to the air and activities. Halloween signals the start of the festivities which continue on through Thanksgiving inviting family and friends to the crisp outdoors. I love this time of year as the leaves turn and summer inspiration turns towards cozier reflections and new color palettes. Gone are the yellows and brights of summer, replaced with the deep greens, autumn oranges, reds and navy.

Our festivities this year started with Halloween and children decorating. It began with pumpkins and goblins for the windows followed by trick or treat dress up and candy. Every year we open up our store to local children to paint our windows and cookie decorate. It has become a welcome event for children and adults alike. We continue in this spirit with our Holiday Walk with Christmas cookie decorating and ornament making. An even enjoyed by young and old. There is nothing that makes one smile more than the sound of little faces excited to be creating.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend my daughter’s horse show at Will Rogers State Park. I could not stop photographing all the details and lovely colors of the equestrian spirit girls dressed up in English style. Ponies proudly prancing with ribbons adorned to their bridals. I could not help but be drawn to the plaids, the leathers and the details of equestrian style.
I found this great book that captures even more of the essence of equestrian style and how to use it in your home. Be sure to check out Equestrian Style by Vicky Moon.The warmth of plaids and the many color combinations they come in are fantastic. They can be dressed up or down. From a simple horse blanket to a worn Pendleton shirt to the couture style of Ralph Lauren and Hermes. Plaids can be used everywhere from fashion to home accessories.The details are what make the outfit when it comes to equestrian style. Worn and burnished leathers on bridals and saddles. Soft padding and well worn blanket pads. Fine crafted leather buckles and stirrups and crops all add to the adornment of English style riding. There is something special about the look. From the velvet blazer to the black velvet helmet… Everything is dressed up and elegant. It is one of the few sports where the fashion has been a consistent spark of inspiration for many designers through out time. Gucci belt buckles and Hermes scarves with horseshoe themes have become iconic.With the arrival fall I often find this time to be one of reflection and turning within. The quiet of fall can be found in poetry and literature. I love these photos of girls enjoying a peaceful moment. It is quiet reflections like these that make us appreciate nature and its gift of change.
"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."
-John Muir

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New and exciting…

I am so excited to blog about our new line of licensed fabrics available from Free Spirit/ Westminster Fibers. After working on the line for the past 6 months they are now available. I tried to recreate our own look from house and added a little pop of color to our usual muted pastels. Raspberry, teal, lime, turquoise and chocolate are all part of the new palette. We recently had a photo shoot to capture some of the ideas you can do with these fabrics. Great for quilters, crafters and scrap booking fans. Enjoy the line and please send us photos of your creations!

Always inspired by the creative people around me, meet the team that helped make all of this possible. My son Joe is always around. The day of the shoot he made a crown out of found leaves… he was “king of the forest.” Hannah is the other half of the creative force behind house. She is always coming up with unique ideas and uses for house fabrics. Melissa our newest member and photographer extraordinaire! Crystal and her dog (our mascot) Sailor, our out of town craft guru who can whip up everything cool and unique. Suzie, not pictured, our queen of opportunity. And me... Always good for making the bed!!

Our final collection is made up of wonderful existing house prints that we have recolored and new prints inspired from fashion and vintage textiles. The result is a fabric line that you can mix and match various combinations of prints as well as color palettes... Pink and Green, Pink and Khaki, Blue and Green, Blue and Chocolate. Accent colors of Turquoise and Raspberry sprinkled throughout.

Click onto the Free Spirit website here to find retailers of the house by Annette Tatum fabric line.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Harvest Moon, September 15

Last year I decided to have a Full Moon Party partly to celebrate the Harvest Moon which occurs every year in September. It is also near my husband's birthday which gives us another reason to celebrate. This year I decided to make it an annual event and researched even further how other cultures celebrate the moon. I decided to pay close attention to all details just as a fashion designer doesn't miss a thing on any ensemble. The end result was a tribute to the Chinese and their celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
Here is some history... Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival

The 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunisolar calendar, marks the time to celebrate the (Mid-Autumn Festival)! The festival is better known to Westerners as (Mooncake Festival) and is not just a Chinese festival as it is also celebrated by Koreans and Vietnamese, known to them as Ch’usǒk and Tết Trung Thu respectively. This day is the next most important holiday after Chinese Lunar New Year and a time for family and friends to gather together, feasting on food and admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon. The main delicacy of the festival are 月餅 (mooncakes), though aside from the food, the day will also see incense burnt and offerings such as fruit and whole steamed chicken offered to the gods.

Like most Chinese holidays, the mid-autumn festival is rich in oral history and legend. According to stories, Hou Yi was a tyrannical ruler who won the elixir of immortality by shooting 9 suns out of the sky with his bow. But his wife, knowing that the people's lives would remain miserable for all eternity if Hou Yi lived forever, drank the potion. The fluids made her lighter, and she floated up into the moon. Even today, Chinese like to think of the moon as home of Chang E.
In order to prepare for the Full Moon dinner , I took the children to Chinatown in downtown LA. I don’t think I have ever been, it was fantastic! The Thein Hau temple we visited was incredible with its colors and motifs and I loved the ceiling in this space. The use of red, orange and pink… lots of lanterns made everything magical. The attention that fashion designer Philip Lim pays to his color combinations and accessories is just as awe inspiring as color combinations that I saw in Chinatown. As a place of worship, I found many of the altars to have wonderful little shrines and many rich offerings. The packaging for Chinese incense is also beautiful. I did not have enough time to go everywhere, so we are going back again soon. There is so much to see in Chinatown and lots of good food too.

The history of Chang E, and the belief that she “floated” up to the moon has brought about the use of lanterns to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. They are symbolic in that children often use lanterns lit with a small flame that when released floated up in the air much like Chang E did when she drank her potion. (As a side note - while checking out all of the spring 09 fashion runway shows on style.com a Betsey Johnson dress reminded me of the lanterns, airy and feminine.) As part of our dinner we needed lots of lanterns for our table decorations. We found one shop with paper lanterns in many colors. I used a combination of paper lanterns (lots of pink, coral and magenta and white) inside the house and strung elegant silk ones (off white, gold, turquoise and orange) over the tables for dinner. I used small electric tea lights inside so that they would not burn and as night time approached the table looked amazing. As center pieces I bought gold fish and created little vases on each table with multiple fishes and bamboo accents. It was a great party favor for the guests who each got to take a fish home.

The ubiquitous fare at any Chinese celebration of the Full Moon festival, mooncakes are a flaked pastry stuffed with a wide variety of fillings. Egg yolk, lotus seed paste, red bean paste, and coconut are common, but walnuts, dates, and other fillings can be found as well. Most have characters for longevity or harmony inscribed on the top. Special cakes can reach almost one foot in diameter. For the party I wanted each guest to be able to have a mooncake. So when I was in Chinatown I found Queens Bakery which was full of them and decided on lotus paste, red bean, green tea, and nuts and dates. I have to say they were not bad... kind of like a fig newton. The giving of mooncakes is a very serious business in China and as you can see they come in many different packages and colors. Depending upon where you buy a mooncake will also determine its price. Ours were $2.50 each but they can cost up to $500.00 from a top hotel in China. Along with the traditional mooncakes I had cupcakes made from my favorite shop, cakedivas.com in many different colors to also add more fun to dessert.
As our guests approached the house the moon was just rising over downtown LA. It was big and full. Did you ever wonder why the moon looks bigger as it rises and by the time it is high up in the sky it is smaller. I included a description of what the Mid Autumn Festival was about as part of the place settings along with chop sticks and a fortune. The dinner was for 45, family style, sit down. I used my favorite Chinese blue dragon fabric as a table runner and with the fish alive and swimming it really was a great effect. Along with the moon and the celebration everything was perfect. Attention to detail was the fun part of planning this party. Fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré definitely did that for his spring 09 collection using plastic beads, discs, and paillettes.

I love a party with a theme and this one will be back for next year. Who knows maybe we will visit Thailand for dinner… and the full moon will be my inspiration!

End of Summer, August 2008

With the end of summer and the start of fall, the days start to get shorter and the days of summer seem to slip away. As the light at sunset begins to change and the evenings start to cool. Such is the time marked by end of summer...

A visit to Cape Cod for those of us from the west coast can be a refreshing taste of Americana. Some of my favorite places to visit while there were...

If you like ice cream Four Seas Ice Cream is the place to go. There is always a line and the delight is worth the wait. After all you might run into someone you haven’t seen in awhile and catch up on what everyone has been up to. Once you make your way in the front door, you step inside to an old fashion soda fountain counter and it feels like home. Loaded with so many different flavors of homemade ice cream, Four Seas is a treat for the child in all of us.

There never seems to be enough time to visit the beach when we are home. There is nothing like enjoying a long walk on the beach in the afternoon light while collecting shells and spotting old mollusks on the shore. For my children and I the time spent doing this was full of quiet reflection and relaxation. Catching up on thoughts and ideas and plain old just “hanging” out.

Vintage Lizzie in Dennis, MA was great for finding trinkets and treasures for the home. There are many little towns dotted along the coast of Massachusetts and so many of them have great antique stores. From Dennis to Provincetown you can find many little wonders along the coast.

Our trip took us to Hyannis Port where we spent a lovely week in a traditional Cape Cod style home overlooking the water. The small town of Hyannis Port is made up of a series of small streets where kids can spend the summer riding up and down the lanes without supervision. The water is always close by for quick dips and long sails.

When I am on vacation it is nice to break the rules. Stay up late and sleep in. Such was the vibe at our rental home. There is style of living much like the style of Nanette Lepore does in her spring 2009 collection, clothing that is relaxed and easy with a feminine touch. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired. After all it is vacation. For me I like the unexpected… like the outdoor shower outside our house. Which was fantastic way to get clean and felt like summer camp. The small tool cottage in the back garden with its worn weathered shingles and rickety gate. Or the full bloom of roses and the green grass of summer. All are reminders to stay in the vacation mode. Casual tennis shoes and hand-me-down quilts for cool nights, it all is part of the experience.

Cape Cod style is inspired by a life style dictated by living near the sea. Everyone here is somehow connected to the ocean. More than nautical motifs and shades of blue, the design is unique and organic to the people who live here. Sixty-year-old men, just getting back from their afternoon sails, wear Sperry Topsiders and kelly green whale prints in earnest. Nantucket pink shorts and Izod shirts are sported by thirteen-year-old bushy haired boys, who pull the sail carts back from the pier. There is no pretension in their style; it is how their fathers and grand fathers dressed when they spent their summers here. You can feel the lineage of a unique style.

The long harsh winters require the winter styles to be warm wools and tweed, but when the days get longer, bright cotton prints and solids are everywhere, as if to taunt the colder days. Faded shingled homes against light blue skies are reflected in the interior décor. Crisp whites gleam in the bright sun light like sails stretched from the mast of the wood sailboats. Summer breezes blowing softly on our faces stirred childhood memories of care free summers that seemed to last forever. Not only is the style of this beautiful area unique in its origins and region, it illustrates a profoundly American theme and our relationship to the sea.

Sailing across Nantucket Sound on our friends fifty foot, one hundred year old wood yawl, you can almost feel the curvature of the earth. The coastline village towns are filled with architecture that looks almost fairytale in its uniformity. The light at this northern latitude is so much different than home and you can sense winter around the corner, encouraging everyone to enjoy what’s left of this incredible season. I love all the details and functional references that make up the design of a life by the sea. Shell motifs are on fabrics and decorate treasure boxes. Rope details and nautical reds outline safety and style. Small reminders like a ship-in-a-bottle find themselves randomly sprinkled as a theme everywhere. Just as Michael Kor's spring 2009 collection is full of nautical and americana references. On our arrival the sea was as warm as bathwater because of the Gulf Stream water flowing north, but only a five days later the temperature had dropped more than 10 degrees. The cooler evenings brought out polar fleece and blue blazers, almost worn interchangeably no matter how casual or formal the affair. The texture of the fabrics seems almost woven in the weather and landscape. While a casual first look leaves you thinking this style here it is mostly driven by its conservative culture, when you emerge yourself in it, you see how authentically it is spawned from the life style. Like the beach inspired accessories from the Just Cavalli spring 2009 collection, the sea subtly inspires and takes over.

Like the memories of summer... these are the moments that we treasure.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Romantic Country Magazine Photo Shoot

Last week we had a photo shoot at my home for Romantic Country Magazine. Sunday Hendrickson, a stylist, is a friend of mine and arranged to have a great team lead by photographer Michael Garland shoot over 6 rooms. The pictures attached are the story of our day. I love working with Sunday, she has wonderful ideas for styling and detail tips as well as has a great eye for the shot. Michael does beautiful work and his assistant Jen was a big help with getting the job done! My son Joe loved the desserts and visiting us between dips in the swimming pool...

Look for the issue out in Spring/ Summer 09!
We started upstairs in my daughter Ella’s room… which we softened with pinks and crèmes. I actually left the room the way it was after the shot. The way Sunday arranged the furniture… it looked better than ever. I love shooting the details for inspiration. The bird print tray I found in an antique mall in Augora Hills, CA… I love this print. The rug from the Rug Market is called Romantic Lace in pink and I even have this rug in blue for another bedroom. It is a great pattern for a more bohemian look or more couture one... it really can go either way. The ottoman in pink leather has been a treasure of mine for a long time. The side tables I found from my friend Michelle who has an online store, Bohemiennes. She is always finding great one of a kind pieces. I dressed the table with my collection of antique silver jars. I love all the elements that came together for this shot.
Next we re-dressed my family room. We just created a “what if” sort of look for the main room in the house. Very girlie, very romantic, ideal for an afternoon tea party. Sunday found this Italian tray with coral pink and gold... I added my favorite little tea cups from Anthropologie… love these; turquoise, lime and hot pink. Also added the bust… (always adds a little classic element to the room) and my favorite glass flowers and other vases that I have collected. This shot turned out so fun… it will be nice to see it in the magazine spread.
The shot that proved to be the most challenging was the dining room. I adore the chairs that Sunday found. There is a great site Eloquence.com that you should visit. They have all this type of furniture; classic, romantic and one of a kind. Really beautiful furnishings can be found there. We used two chairs here in the dining room. My dining room is really not that romantic. It has a lot more rustic elements in it that balance it out, but is always fun to re-invent and discover new possibilities for a room. Like accessorizing your favorite dress with a new belt or scarf or adding a new pair of heels to a skirt… it can change your whole look. The same applies to this room, chandeliers, candles, my favorite mix and match china pieces and gold embroidered placemats.... I love an eclectic table setting. It was hard to get the right angle here but the elements were beautiful and sometimes the toughest shots turn out to be the best.
Outside dining shot… the way Sunday set up the table was just incredible. She added a sprig of lavender to the lemonade… it looked so much better! Again all of my favorite mix and match. I have a habit of collecting old tablecloths, napkins, china, etc. and I love different kinds of pitchers. This shoot was great for using all of my treasures! The floral plates seemed to inspire a whole table setting.
The kitchen, all in white, blues and lime. I love the clean palette we chose to use here. My kitchen is simple and mainly all white. White can be a stage for anything and this room is constantly changing with my family. I have a great round country style dining table that we set with lots of goodies. There are even going to be a couple of shots with Joe and I decorating cakes. I pulled out all of my off white china and my old Moroccan tea glasses. Meringues added fun and Joe ate them all!
Last we shot the blue bedroom that is off the garden for guests. I always like to keep this room in the garden colors. Since it looks out to the pool... blue and green are the inspiration. Old wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures lined the walls and the bed frame is full of old appliqués to inspire detail and pattern. I used our Romantic Lace Sheet Collection on the bed in sky to soften the amount of texture in the room and let the details shine. I have two botanical floral prints for either side of the bed that I found again traveling from flea market to flea market. Somehow the treasures always find a home. I don’t always buy things because I have a place for them… I buy them because I like them… and then I wait to get home to see where they go. Such is the case for the elements in this room. They are all one of a kind that somehow managed to come together to pull off a serene space perfect for the inbound guest.
The day was long but fruitful. I look forward to seeing the issue. Again all the team members helped make this a successful day. Here are some tips for styling your own table or home that I picked up from a day on the set.


Styling tips:

Always use fresh flowers:

I am always amazed at what a little flower arrangement can do to a room. It immediately adds the personal touch and makes the room feel important. It adds the touch of you to a space depending upon the flower you choose and where you put it in the room. Small little bud vases filled with fragrant lavender for a peaceful sleep are always nice next to the bed. Large hydrangeas are great for a center piece for the dinging table. And like Sunday suggested... a sprig of a flower in a drink or decorating your cake with some daisies can also add a simple touch to the table.


Add some to the scene... they add warmth and glow. Whether it is a large candelabra for drama or a small grouping on the mantle. Candles add elegance and charm to the room.


Look through your cabinets and shelves to pull out some of your favorite vases, trays, and other small treasures you may not be using everyday. Be a stylist in your own home. Sprinkle some of your favorite things on a dresser or by bedside. People love to see what inspires you!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer in the City

Last week I had a whirlwind trip to NY. Most of it was for business but I always like to try and take in NY...even if it is for a moment...here is what I found:

If I only have a short time in NYC, I always go to my favorite places for food. There is nothing like the sophistication of Balthazar for a morning wake up. Full bowls of cafe lattes and warm brioche while sitting inside the most beautiful space. Designed like an old Italian or French railroad cafe, the seating is compact and the details are amazing. Floors covered in old tile, rich wood-carved walls separate the dining space from the bakery. Everywhere you turn you experience old Europe in architecture with a sensory overload. I love being here...when on the go with the day moving fast, I often go to Dean and Deluca. Their presentation of food-on-the-go is amazing. It is a market full of the beauty of food. Great sandwiches that beat the usual NY pizza pick up. For the gourmet on the go, Dean and Deluca is a must.

Whenever I am in a cab in NY, I am constantly passing shops and places that I wish I could go to...there is so much to explore and every trip usually yields a new find. I have stayed in many interesting places in NY but this trip I tried a new hotel - The Gramercy Park hotel. Fashion forward, interesting textures and bold colors make up the decor of a really a fun place to stay. Located next to Gramercy Park, which is fantastic to peek into and even better if you have a key. The area is great. The place is hip and is one of the nicest residential areas in the city.

Collect and Inspire...
Some of my favorite shops like ABC Carpet and Home offer a world of inspiration. I love it when I enter a retail space that immediately gives me a sense of taking something with me. Here I always find not only cool new things, but I often leave having experienced something new in store design and home decoration. The message here is one of be "environmentally conscious" while adding beauty to your home and life. I love being here. The first floor is where colors abound and I start collecting tokens to take home from my trip. This and street vendors often provide small treasures that I can easily take home to fill my shelves of reference and inspiration. Fabrics with fabulous trims, pillows with amazing detail, and even elevators are decorated with a million dried flowers that make waiting for the ride home a moment to contemplate. Statements of taking the ordinary and adding beauty are everywhere. I love visiting NY...each season has its own special gifts. While winter and snow offer a feeling of nostalgia, summer nights walking through Tribeca offer the underground vibe of art and film.

Boho fantastic, unique and hip...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

All About Pink

Pink has many colorful friends when dancing in the east. Rich jewel tone crimsons and oranges. Deep purples and royal blue accents. These are the compliments to pink when traveling through Bohemia. Influenced by the details of an Indian day bed or the overcoat of a 16th century horseman, the bohemian palette is for the nomad. Traveling exotic lands, discovering new cultures and never truly committing to any, such is the lifestyle of the gypsy. Wild at heart, never at home and always looking for a dash of excitement.

That is why introducing pink to your Bohemian lifestyle can be just the punch of color you need. For the walls of your favorite space or for dancing in at the casbah... pink can be the bright spot in your life. Add an accent of deep coral to your sitting room walls. Small spaces are often perfect for a strong hit of color, just like a mixture or accent of a strong fuchsia in your wardrobe can change your whole look. Mix and match a collection of Indian and Moroccan pillows to your sofa like the jeweled bangles you might wear with your soft pink summer dress. Pink comes in many flavors but the spice of pink can be found in Bohemian style.

Pink at the pool is the feeling of resort; playful, restful and easy going. Resort pink is pink on its day off. When using pink for a resort feeling, keeping pink clean and clear is the key. Like the turquoise sea or the lime in your cactus cooler, pink is best complimented when mixing with complimentary colors. Holding on to the same values when picking pinks accessories is like the bright sunshine on a hot summer day. Restful shades of bright pink and lemon yellow can easily find room at the pool when chosen for their equal value. Try splashing on a sea spray of aquamarine over your magenta slip dress, this is just like accenting your cool patio lounger with fabulous striped towels. Pink is the life of the summer party.

A vase in the kitchen window full of pale pink roses from the garden. An easy flowing slip dress in a soft satin with antique lace trim. Sun kissed faces and long days spent lazing on the front porch. These are the days of a vintage summer. The light in the afternoon as it sets in a pink glow of sunset, pink and all its vintage charm. The promise of tomorrow.. Treasures of found sea glass and the sparkling of silver and gold bangles. Delicate and soft never forgotten.. Pretty in pink is the rule for vintage. Soft pale rooms with soft filtered light. Fabrics that hold special details like a one of a kind bow or ruffle, the ribbon on the sash of a not long ago prom dress. Decorate your life with the treasures of vintage. Accent your bedroom with romantic pale cremes to compliment your pale pinks. Add touches of distressed golds finishes to add to the "found" lifestyle. Surround yourself in yesterday and become a romantic at heart.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Inspired Design

I have an old slip collection that I have gathered over the years. I often find them in old thrift stores or at a local flea market. I wear them out in the summer with a little cardigan. I love the detail of the edges and straps. They are the latest inspiration for my new Romantic Lace collection of sheets and duvets. For the long summer nights slip into our new sheet collection. I love the feminine touch in the soft pastels like a sorbet icy; cool mint, crèmes and pinks, crisp cool whites with lace details and light summer khaki’s.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Is Here

June 20th seems to be the start date of summer for my four kids. Every summer I have a camp at my house in the front yard. A couple of teachers who have the off summer hold court with about 15 children ages 4-9. I have come to admire their innovation and skills at adapting found objects, old wood, fabrics and other odds and ends into magical spaces for the children. This summer I made some tee pees out of our Little House fabrics for the kids to play in. They often set up little houses inside, collect their favorite rocks and leaves and even made an imaginary camp fire. They roll around and giggle endlessly. You can create fun spaces for your kids too. Take some PVC piping that you can purchase from your local hardware store. Get some rope or string to attach three pieces together at the top. Cut the poles to about 8-10 feet. You can then sew a rod pocket to cover each pole. Or if sewing is too much just tie the fabric to each pole end... The result is a hand made tee pee for everyone. Throw in some old blankets, serve lunch outside, your children will love it - easy to clean up. Just close the poles with the fabric on... set up again the next day and enjoy the sunshine while in the shade of your tee pee. To add a one-of-a-kind touch make your tee pee out of white canvas and let the kids paint the wall of your tee pee. Happy Summer Vacation!

Here I made a summer pillow. I made it extra large so that my kids and their friends can all lounge together

My son Joe and friend at camp.

be inspired by your child's rainbows!

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