Thursday, July 10, 2008

All About Pink

Pink has many colorful friends when dancing in the east. Rich jewel tone crimsons and oranges. Deep purples and royal blue accents. These are the compliments to pink when traveling through Bohemia. Influenced by the details of an Indian day bed or the overcoat of a 16th century horseman, the bohemian palette is for the nomad. Traveling exotic lands, discovering new cultures and never truly committing to any, such is the lifestyle of the gypsy. Wild at heart, never at home and always looking for a dash of excitement.

That is why introducing pink to your Bohemian lifestyle can be just the punch of color you need. For the walls of your favorite space or for dancing in at the casbah... pink can be the bright spot in your life. Add an accent of deep coral to your sitting room walls. Small spaces are often perfect for a strong hit of color, just like a mixture or accent of a strong fuchsia in your wardrobe can change your whole look. Mix and match a collection of Indian and Moroccan pillows to your sofa like the jeweled bangles you might wear with your soft pink summer dress. Pink comes in many flavors but the spice of pink can be found in Bohemian style.

Pink at the pool is the feeling of resort; playful, restful and easy going. Resort pink is pink on its day off. When using pink for a resort feeling, keeping pink clean and clear is the key. Like the turquoise sea or the lime in your cactus cooler, pink is best complimented when mixing with complimentary colors. Holding on to the same values when picking pinks accessories is like the bright sunshine on a hot summer day. Restful shades of bright pink and lemon yellow can easily find room at the pool when chosen for their equal value. Try splashing on a sea spray of aquamarine over your magenta slip dress, this is just like accenting your cool patio lounger with fabulous striped towels. Pink is the life of the summer party.

A vase in the kitchen window full of pale pink roses from the garden. An easy flowing slip dress in a soft satin with antique lace trim. Sun kissed faces and long days spent lazing on the front porch. These are the days of a vintage summer. The light in the afternoon as it sets in a pink glow of sunset, pink and all its vintage charm. The promise of tomorrow.. Treasures of found sea glass and the sparkling of silver and gold bangles. Delicate and soft never forgotten.. Pretty in pink is the rule for vintage. Soft pale rooms with soft filtered light. Fabrics that hold special details like a one of a kind bow or ruffle, the ribbon on the sash of a not long ago prom dress. Decorate your life with the treasures of vintage. Accent your bedroom with romantic pale cremes to compliment your pale pinks. Add touches of distressed golds finishes to add to the "found" lifestyle. Surround yourself in yesterday and become a romantic at heart.

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