Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An inspired holiday!

It is the time of the year for nostalgia and feeling closer to home and family. I personally like to mix the old with the new and since I am such a vintage fan I found tons of antique ornaments, wreaths and recently snow globes. I think I could develop a new obsession for them. The colors of a vintage holiday against the tried and true red and green offer a lovely palette for holiday cheer. Well loved and slightly worn ornaments, when piled in a vase or basket, make a sweet centerpiece. The fun part is that no two are alike and they all have taken on some personality of their own. I know that I treasure my ornament collection and love pulling them out of the box every year, each a reminder of a memory or special occasion. Baby’s first Christmas, my son’s kindergarten wreath ornament made of tissue with his little face glued to the center. All remind me of how full and rich my life is.

Wreaths can be a fun way to add a creative welcome to any front door and the holiday season gives us all a reason to make our own. Each one can express your own unique personality for the holiday spirit. Whether you are a collector of antique ornaments or love nature, at its best, wreaths are a way of inviting those you love to enjoy your creative spirit. I love the ones that catch you by surprise when they are made of the unexpected, like paper cones and odd and eclectic assortments or treasures.

Snow globes can be the perfect way to capture a moment or special occasion. They are fun to collect as well as make. See how to make a snow globe here. My favorite ones are the ones you can collect when you are traveling. I think shelves filled with them can be so fun and interesting when lined on bookshelves or nooks.

Music boxes are so charming in that they almost capture, in a small box, a moment in time. Some play when opened, others need to be cranked or wound to make music. Either way they are a nostalgic way to enjoy the holidays. The decor on top of each box can also be inspiring. Old ice skating scenes or children in the snow offer a flash back to a simpler time. What better way to enjoy a gift of wonder and song.

The holiday spirit can be found everywhere and in the smallest spaces. Create a special moment in your home for your friends and family to enjoy.

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so very inspiring! Thank you.

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