Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Is Here

June 20th seems to be the start date of summer for my four kids. Every summer I have a camp at my house in the front yard. A couple of teachers who have the off summer hold court with about 15 children ages 4-9. I have come to admire their innovation and skills at adapting found objects, old wood, fabrics and other odds and ends into magical spaces for the children. This summer I made some tee pees out of our Little House fabrics for the kids to play in. They often set up little houses inside, collect their favorite rocks and leaves and even made an imaginary camp fire. They roll around and giggle endlessly. You can create fun spaces for your kids too. Take some PVC piping that you can purchase from your local hardware store. Get some rope or string to attach three pieces together at the top. Cut the poles to about 8-10 feet. You can then sew a rod pocket to cover each pole. Or if sewing is too much just tie the fabric to each pole end... The result is a hand made tee pee for everyone. Throw in some old blankets, serve lunch outside, your children will love it - easy to clean up. Just close the poles with the fabric on... set up again the next day and enjoy the sunshine while in the shade of your tee pee. To add a one-of-a-kind touch make your tee pee out of white canvas and let the kids paint the wall of your tee pee. Happy Summer Vacation!

Here I made a summer pillow. I made it extra large so that my kids and their friends can all lounge together

My son Joe and friend at camp.

be inspired by your child's rainbows!

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